Danabol solo course

Dianabol has several courses, they are very simple and give good results after proper use.

Recommended tip: The first course of Danabol consists of: 2 tablets a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. A lower dose of danabol tablets gives nothing and is a waste of time. On the training day, you should take the tablets two hours before and in a dose, it gives the best results during the training.



Course No. 1 takes Danabolin

  • Day 1 1 Dianabol tablets
  • Day 2 2 tablets Dianabol
  • Day 3 3 Dianabol tablets
  • 6 tablets 4 times a day for 6 weeks

It is recommended that you follow a sports protein diet during treatment with Danabol. A protein or amino acid that maintains accumulated muscle mass much longer. Winners and creatine should not be discarded either.

Common course # 2 takes Danabol

After a week, the athlete can go up to two pounds. This is because Danabol stimulates fluid retention in the body. The dosage for a beginner is

50 mg and up to 100 mg for adult bodybuilders.

At the beginning of Danabol, you should take 20 mg or 2 tablets a day for the first three days.

After 3 days, the dose should be increased to 3 tablets, 30 mg. Take the next 7 days. You can take 1 tablet after 3 hours.

After one week, we will increase the dose again and take 40 mg of Donabol daily for 14 days. Distribute the daily dose evenly.

14 days have passed, reduce the dose to 30 mg per day. We accept within 5 days, take a dose. Danabol’s course is over.

Disadvantages of Danabolin

Disadvantages of Danabolin

Due to the high androgenic factor, the drug can cause severe acne on the face and body. Acne usually disappears after the course, but their symptomatic treatment with anti-inflammatory creams and specialized antibacterial agents is recommended. The drug significantly affects the pituitary-hypothalamic-testicular arch, so your own testosterone levels drop after the course. If you do not use antiestrogens, gynecomastia and an increase in body fat may occur.

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Danabol is toxic to the liver, so its use is not recommended for people with liver disease or for people with hepatitis. It is better to choose other drugs. It should be understood that the drug does not meet your exercise plan, and follow a diet designed for weight gain. If a person has problems with treatment, everything he or she gets with dianabol will be “squeezed out” immediately. After the course, it is necessary to reduce the amount of training (smaller exercises and procedures) but leave the intensity (work weights) at the same level. You should rest more between exercises, but focus on keeping the weight off. This helps to prevent the mass from being “emptied” immediately.

It should be understood that careful selection of doses and medications should minimize side effects.